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Payday Loans No Credit Check

However, when alternate arrangements are not possible an employee shall be granted up to one (1) day for a medical or dental appointment when the dependent family member is incapable of attending the appointment by himself or herself, or for appointments with appropriate authorities in schools or adoption agencies.

To provide for cash loans immediate and temporary care of a sick member of the employee's family and to provide an employee with time to make alternate care arrangements where the illness is of a longer duration. One (1) day's leave with pay for needs directly related to the birth or to the adoption of the employee's child. This leave may cash loans divided into two (2) periods and granted on separate days. The total leave with pay which may be granted under A. Subject to operational requirements as determined cash loans the Council and with an advance notice of at least five (5) working days, the employee shall be granted, in each fiscal year, one (1) day of leave with pay for reasons of a personal nature.

The leave shall be scheduled at cash loans time convenient both to the employee and the Council. Nevertheless, the Council shall make every reasonable effort to grant the leave at such time as the employee cash loans request. At NRC's discretion, an employee may be granted leave with or without pay for purposes other than those specified in this plan. Where an employee who is not a participant within the meaning of Part II of the Public Service Superannuation Act dies, after having been an employee for at least two (2) years, an amount equal to the employee's salary for two (2) months shall be paid:An employee may apply to obtain at the employee's expense Supplementary Life Insurance equal to one (1) times the annual salary.

For the purpose of determining the amount of severance pay to which an employee is entitled under A. For greater certainty, payments made pursuant to A. Effective 14 May 2012, these payments shall also be included in Workforce Adjustment (WFA) calculations with respect to the maximum total lay-off payday loans online benefits to which a surplus employee is entitled under the NRC WFA Policy.

The weekly rate of pay referred to in A. An employee who has one (1) year or more of continuous employment and who is laid off is entitled to be paid severance pay at the time of lay-off. Effective 2 October 2011, paragraphs A.

This clause applies in a situation where an employee is appointed into a position in the MG Compensation Plan from a position outside the MG Compensation Plan where, at the date of appointment, provisions similar to those in A.

The starting salary for a person appointed from outside NRC normally shall be the minimum of the salary range for the level to which that person is appointed.

In certain instances, to compete with going rates in the private sector or to recognize experience and qualifications, NRC may recruit at a rate up to the maximum of the range for the particular level.

A recruiting rate at or close to the maximum shall be offered only in exceptional circumstances. The lump sum payment is not considered salary for any purpose. It will not be used in calculating salary-related benefits such as insurances and superannuation, or for salary calculations on subsequent appointments. Such percentage may be provided as a salary increase, or one time lump sum payment, or a combination thereof.

Salary increases must be sufficient that at least the minimum of the applicable salary range is achieved and are capped by the maximum of the applicable salary range.

Such percentage may be provided as a salary increase, or one-time lump sum payment, or a combination thereof. Salary increases are capped by the maximum of the applicable salary range. In the meantime, management may authorize an annual salary adjustment for the employee which will be paid in the form of a lump sum payment. Subject to paragraph A. Where the appointment is to a lower level in the MG category and is either voluntary or the result of a demotion, the individual's salary will be set at the lesser of: the maximum rate of the new level, or the individual's present salary.

A merit review will be conducted once annually with an effective date of 1 April. Employees paid at the maximum of the pay range may receive a performance bonus and employees paid below the maximum of the pay range may receive both an in-range increase and a performance bonus.

The performance ratings in use are: Significantly Exceeded Expectations, Exceeded Expectations, Met Expectations, Met Some Expectations and Did Not Meet Expectations. There is no quota or predetermined percentage of the population for any of the performance ratings. The objective of the merit review process is to arrive at fair and consistent performance ratings across the population of those employed in the management categories.

Therefore the results may involve changes in the ratings following review by the Merit Review Committee (MRC). Pay ranges may be revised in response to general increases in wage rates both inside and outside NRC.

Employees having a performance rating of Met Some Expectations or Did Not Meet Expectations will not receive the benefit of the pay revision. The intent is that a Met Expectations rating will result in salary progression from the bottom to the top of the pay range at the end of the third year.

The amounts for the performance bonus payments are determined by the President in consultation with Treasury Board guidelines. They may vary on an annual basis.

Performance bonus payments are a lump sum and are deemed to be part of the employee's effective rate of pay for pension purposes only.

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