Set Shop NYC

About Set Shop NYC

Since 1977 Set Shop has been serving the photographic industry. What began as seamless paper store has expanded to well over several thousand items that now supplies a wide range of industries like display and exhibition.

We still carry our SETPAPER along with a wide range of ChromaKey products for photo and video shoots. Our flame retardant SETPAPER, foamcore, paint, and adhesives are ideal for offices, classrooms, convention centers or anywhere flame retardant materials are required within local laws. We thank you for shopping at Set Shop, and we will continue to provide the highest quality products and service on which we have built our reputation over the years.

What Is Set Shop Tutorials?

We at Set Shop have spent the last 35 years supplying photographers with everything for their sets. Not cameras, not lights, but everything else on a photography set. We search out and stock products that can make an assignment run smoother, more efficiently, and free up a photographer’s creativity to accomplish the impossible. You might say we were into the idea of “workflow” before there was the term workflow! That is our mission; that has been our goal.

Likewise, we have come to the conclusion that our mission includes educating photographers about how to expand their creativity by incorporating other techniques with their own ideas and solutions. The result of this conclusion is what you will see on the pages of this: our new website.

While we will continue to search out, stock, and sell products chosen to help you in accomplishing your mission (because, after all we still are a business!), our goal on this site is to show photographers how they can apply universal tools and techniques that will make their creative lives easier and more productive. We hope you find the tutorials on this site stimulating. Thanks for dropping by.